Xbox 360 Problem

The worst Xbox 360 problem is the red ring of death, and that is exactly what this article is going to help you with. If your Xbox 360 problem is that your system is freezing and you are getting red lights on the power button this article is for you.

You are going to learn:

-the cause of the red light Xbox 360 problem

-what you should NOT to do when attempting to fix your Xbox

-a guide on how you can fix your Xbox 360 problem yourself, and get rid of red light errors once and for all!




First off I will acknowledge how pissed off you may be to have this Xbox 360 problem. It is a royal pain, it ruins you game time as you are in constant fear of freezing. Worse, it drops you from online games (hurting your game score) and you constantly lose level progress.

This red light Xbox 360 problem essentially turns your system into a paper weight.

However, no matter how frustrated you get, don’t resort to desperate quick fix tricks (like the towel trick I will show you in a moment). There is a safe and fast way to repair your Xbox 360 problem permanently, and you will see how you can do that.

The cause of the red light Xbox 360 problem

Heat! The cause of this red light freezing Xbox 360 problem is heat!

Here is the technical explanation: The heat sink (the cooling unit) was made too small by Microsoft. They made it small to make room for the DVD drive. Now what happens is this heat sink is too small to keep the motherboard cool. As the motherboard heats up, it vibrates. These vibrations cause the GPU (graphics processing unit) to come loose. The cause of your Xbox 360 problem is the GPU coming loose and your system locking up.

The fix to this Xbox 360 problem is explained below, but basically what you need to do is lessen the vibrations of the motherboard and allow it to breath more (thus keeping it cooler). Don’t worry, this is not as hard as it sound, and you can fix your Xbox 360 problem with basic house hold tools.


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