Xbox 360 Fix Shouldn’t Be Hard

This Xbox 360 fix article is going to reveal to you the root cause of Xbox 360 red lights and show you what you need to get it fixed (hopefully today).

Fist things first: an Xbox 360 fix can be a touchy issue for people, because there is A LOT of bad information going around out there. Further still, most people don’t even know the real cause of Xbox 360 red lights.

Very BAD Xbox 360 Fix “Information”

Do NOT use a towel or hair dryer to fix your Xbox. Yes, it is extremely frustrating when your system is freezing mid game all the time. But, don’t do something foolish that will cause serious damage.




People are saying you can fix Xbox 360 red lights by heating your system with a hair dryer or by wrapping it in a towel. As you will see in a moment, the cause of Xbox 360 red lights is heat, so you don’t want to add more inappropriately! I say inappropriately, because in the safe Xbox 360 fix method (which I will explain in a moment) uses heat but only on focused points on your system and only after you have cleaned it appropriately and set it up correctly.

Know this: 94% of Xbox 360’s that need repairs for the red ring of death DON’T NEED NEW PARTS. They just need a little tweak to get them up and running. So take comfort in the fact that you can very likely perform a safe and easy Xbox 360 fix that won’t require new parts.

And now…

The Cause of Xbox 360 Red Lights Revealed!

As the motherboard heats up, it begins to flex. This flexing action causes a loosening of the GPU (graphics processing unit). Once the GPU comes loose, your system freezes and you get the Xbox 360 red lights!

Now you know why the towel and hair dryer Xbox 360 fix is bad! It only makes the problem worse!

So, if you are ready to actually fix your Xbox 360…


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