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Having the right mindset is crucial to becoming successful with internet marketing. Mindset is the one aspect of internet marketing that most people won’t talk to you about. In life, walking around with your head down, can hurt your relationships, business, and self esteem. If you constantly tell yourself that you are bad at something, or get upset because you think someone or something else is at fault, then you need to start making some changes in your mindset.

When a marketing campaign goes awry, do you blame it on the product first, and move on to another venture? Nine times out of ten, you are falling victim to yourself and your mindset. There are people out there now making record sales on houses, when the housing market is in the dumps. I saw in the local newspaper that one of our local real estate agents sold a house for sixteen million dollars, which is top value for that particular house. I did a little research and this same agent is beating local numbers in sales this year, which told me a lot about him. He is either extremely lucky, or has found a way to sell that works for him. I would venture to say, the salesman is very inventive and has a great entrepreneurial attitude towards his business.

I know what your saying, what does real estate have to do with internet marketing? This situation has more to do with internet marketing than you think. Take a look at all the other agents that are barely scraping by, while this top salesman keeps rolling in the dough. I know many internet marketers that are great at getting customers to look at their products, but simply cannot close the deal. This is where a lot of people fall short when marketing their products. They get the people’s interest in the product, but have an attitude that the product is unprofitable, and simply walk away.

Get quitting out of your mind right now, and I will personally guarantee that you will sell more products. Surely you put the proper time and care into your product, but did you put the proper time into actually getting your customer’s attention and closing the deal? Make adjustments and see if you can grab your customers attention and keep them with you until you close the deal.

Before each marketing session, I urge you to get into a positive aggressive, learning, never give up mindset. The way I do this is by listening to a motivating song that gets me fired up and ready for action. Do not follow the leader, take your game to your own level and Market With Attitude!

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Updated: October 8, 2019 — 9:01 pm

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