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It can be tempting in your overflowing enthusiasm to create a tips booklet before you know who, if anyone, wants it. This is especially true if you are an action-oriented go-getter, eager to put something into the market place today, right now. You may feel that doing market research will slow you down, even if you actually have ideas about ways to do that research.

Or you may be a planner by nature, with different challenges, challenges that include spending so much time researching that you never get the booklet done at all. You take up lots of time researching, and maybe talking yourself out of doing a booklet at all, drawing erroneous conclusions on your findings.

In general terms, in as a balanced a way as you can, find out first if you have a market before investing a lot of time, money, and energy into developing a tips booklet. Market first; create next.

There are caveats to that. You can write the booklet without getting any or many copies printed. The professionally designed tips booklet PDF can be a valuable tool to test the market or test multiple markets that seem logical for you to approach, investing only the time to write the booklet and the money to have it edited and designed. The well designed PDF is crucial so potential bulk buyers see your content presented as well as it deserves to be presented, increasing the odds of your making a sale right in the midst of merely doing market research! When a buyer likes the content and sees how it can serve their purposes, a well-designed PDF can make the difference in creating a favorable outcome.

What seems to be a likely audience at first blush can turn out not to be the case at all. You may have misjudged who your actual buyers will be. A tips booklet for college students about, well, just about anything, is probably something the college student will not purchase, no matter how well done or how helpful. However, many other entities may see your tips booklet as an ideal vehicle to freely distribute to those same students as a gift with something the students do purchase. Anything from buying food that can be microwaved to acquiring sports shoes to opening a bank or credit card account are things college students will do. The respective companies would actually be your buyers, the ones to contact in your market research to determine their interest in what you have.

ACTION – Consider as many markets/audiences as you can for a tips booklet you want to create. Start with the most logical ones and then go beyond that. Do this as a written exercise, listing as many possibilities as come to mind. While having verbal conversations with some of the more likely bulk buyers can be a starting point, they will want to see what it is you’ve got. That’s the time to let them know you’re working on it and will have a PDF to show them within the next few weeks.

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Updated: October 8, 2019 — 8:59 pm

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