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You’d rather write and create new products than market OR you’d rather market more than write. Does one of those statements sound more like you than the other? If so, you’re definitely not alone. And no matter which one sounds closer to who you are, there are options you may have never considered to get both accomplished with less pain than you believe is part of the deal.

If the first statement seems to have your name on it, you probably have beliefs about what marketing is, how it has to look, and how it all lines up with your personality and your life. How differently would you feel if, instead of labeling it marketing, you thought about visiting with people who will appreciate what you have to provide them that will improve their life in some way? Or what if you focused on sharing your expertise or that you realized how much you’re helping people?

This could sound like it’s more semantics than anything else. However, it’s true. Marketing is about letting people know what you’ve got that could help them solve a problem they have. They then get to decide if it really does have value to them or not. Once they decide it does, they will understandably want to know what it costs and when they can receive it, And all you did was tell them in some way about what you have that may be helpful or useful to them.

Look where that went from your thoughts about the word and concept of “marketing.” You could share an electronic sample of your bite size brilliance with someone who is looking for a way to let their own people know about a new service being launched. Your electronic sample may be just the thing to capture the interest of someone at an association or a company, and before you know it, they can’t wait to get the whole thing from you. It’s perfect, for you and for them. All you did was share.

If the second above statement is more who you are and you would rather be out in the world somehow, sharing what you’ve got all day long, yet you are not so thrilled with writing, then talk your content into a recording, get it transcribed and designed, and now you have the product. In fact you have more than one product – you have the original recording as a downloadable file; you can burn it as an audio CD; you have the PDF of the transcription; and you can get printed copies of the booklet. Now you’ve got four(!) products to let people know about as you’re marketing all day long!

ACTION– Notice where your resistance is in the product development and product marketing process. Now that you have clear suggestions on how to handle your resistance, identify one step to take, one single step. Who is one person you’ll visit to let them know about the latest booklet you wrote or other content delivery formats you’ve developed? One person, that’s all. You’re choosing them to see if and how you can help. Or what list of how-to tips from your expertise will you record TODAY? The recording can be as short as 20 minutes, and you’ve got four products without you writing a thing!

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Updated: October 8, 2019 — 8:59 pm

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